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I don't know the owner's last name, but his first name is Barry.

He has a lot of floor space there, he could have a wider selection of firearms if he chose to. Some of his display space is also taken up with stuff that doesn't really have to be behind glass - like accesories and stuff. Maybe that stuff will be displaced over time as he builds new inventory.

A lot of display space is taken up by older guns. I've seen BHPs, older Colts, and older Smiths. So for people who like that... they would think Article II has great selection. But he doesn't have a comprehensive selection of new stuff... So like at Gat Guns - they seem to have almost every Glock in almost every caliber - with the exception being the long slides.

Article II is not like that, they have a few Glocks, a few M&Ps an few XDs - but he's not carrying the whole line of each.
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