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I have a question for Lee 1000 pro users. I bought a lee 1000 Pro because of the great price in 9mm. I had some problems getting it set up and adjusted but I finely succeeded and have it producing good quality reloads. I decided to buy another Lee 1000 Pro for reloading 45 auto I also bought an extra turret and 40 S&W dies to use on the one set up for 9mm. Since it has the same shell plate and carrier as the 40S&W and switching from one to the other by changing the turret is just a matter of minutes. My problem is with reloading for the 40 S&W and the 45acp. I am not having the same success adjusting the dies as I had with the 9mm. The problem is with the factory crimp die I can't get it to crimp enough to get all of the finished loads in and out of a Wilson case gauge if I adjust it down to far it starts buckling the case. I have been running the loaded 40S&W and 45acp though a carbide crimp die setup in a single stage press that solves this problem. My question, is this a fault with the Lee 1000 Pro or me?
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