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I'll save ya the time and the money, there's zero to gain here. You have less bearing surface of the bullet on the barrels grooves which means accuracy will suffer, not improve. Bullet performance is non-existent if attempting to use these for hunting as the 30 Carbine just doesn't have the velocity to make the bullets work right. Even at close ranges of under 25 yds the bullet will not do anything but punch a hole and come out just like it went in. If you want to try a better bullet, try the Speer #1835 110 gr Varminter. If you are having any major accuracy issues, a usual fix for some guns is to use pistol primers. The 30 Carbine doesn't built anymore pressure than a 357 pistol. It's also been my experience with this popgun that it is sensitive to COL concerning accuracy so play with it and see if that helps. A .005 difference can be enough to make one shoot like a target rifle.
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