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not only that Alloy and to further my obvious opinion on this case which I admit is speculation:

this cop would've done something differently depending on the person he pulled over. I am not speaking about the obvious of if he pulled over the Chief's Dad as an example...I mean in the broader sense. I feel like he did a diservice to this person who was just trying be honest and go about his business in this busy life we live. Tie goes to the runner, and he needed to cut this guy loose if he had nothing on him. Otherwise, he needs to treat everyone exactly the same.

By the way, I agree with your post also.

now, people make mistakes and aren't perfect, I have to give the LE that. However, I am definately not buying it. OP did the right thing though(really had no choice) - just go to jail and then go to court//really nothing else he could or can do
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