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Tell ya what I think about the old Coonan vs the New Coonan--

I've never wrapped my hands around an old Coonan. Most reviews are quite good. For an oddball gun (there really is nothing else out there like it), it has a reputation for running as it was designed and not being junk even though the first iteration of the company didn't survive.

If you go to the Coonan site, there is a FAQ and one of the questions is, "Will a new production magazine fit my old Model B Coonan?" and the answer is "maybe." Due to some changes made to the Model B over time, a new mag might not be a perfect fit and some modifications may need to be made.

But the new mags certainly fit the new gun perfectly well. And the magazines are one helluva build quality, they are small machines all on their own. (well, small compared to the handgun... but larger than almost any other handgun magazine!)

Biggest problem I see for the old Coonans on the market is that for a while, they were a collector's item. Now, they are much less so. Given their similarity to a brand new one, and given the quality of the brand new ones, I just can't see the old ones going for big bucks. I think a lot of the "collector" value on them dropped when the new ones came out.

The Cadet model still has it -- if Coonan does the obvious and makes a new Cadet model, I'll bet the same thing will happen.

I'm getting one, no doubt. For me to buy an old Model B, well, it would have to be a helluva savings over a new one, and nobody that has one would even consider selling it for such a price.

I'm getting a new one. I just hope something doesn't go to heck on the business/money side of the operation and they cease production again.

Collectibles are great if that is what you are in to. Me, I just want another fun gun. I can tell you first hand that it's a damn riot to shoot this handgun and it's accurate. If it's all about "need" and "filling roles" then sure, whatever. I've got my EDC, I've got a utility pump 12ga and I've got a few rimfires, so I guess all my "needs" in guns is taken care of for the rest of time.

I don't shop for needs anymore, it's all about the WANT. I want a Coonan. I wanna own my next favorite shooter!
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