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You know, about a year and a half ago when they announced that new Coonans would be available, it caught my attention. I've been reading every post I could find since then.

I went and looked at an "old" (near NIB) Coonan about six months ago and probably should have bought it...but was torn between buyng a new one and an old one.

Over the last few months I have been second-guessing myself. Do I really need another oddball gun? I have revolvers in .357 Mag and .41 Mag and 1911s in .45acp and 10mm. Where does a .357 Mag "1911" fall into this?

I had almost talked myself out of wanting a Coonan, because it seems as if I have all of the performance parameters bracketed.

And well I may...but I still want one.

Keep those posts coming.
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