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Good news for 1903 owners

I've been in contact with Industrias Tecnos, C.V (the ammo plant located in Morelos State Mexico), Aguila Ammo (located in Helotes Texas - the US arm of Tecnos ) and the new domestic retailer who will be merchandising the ammo. I have also been in contact with Remington.

Remington, who originally set up the Industrias Tecnos facility, at one time did manufacture and distribute .22 Winchester Automatic Rim Fire. They, however, categorically denied any plans to make a run of the ammo in the future.

Tecnos / Aguila have the dies used to produce the last run of ammo. That ammo was produced for Old Western Scrounger, a now defunct dealer in Montague California. The new retailer has agreed to produce another run, with a minimum order commitment to Industrias Tecnos / Aguila Ammo of 3,000,000 rounds. The US retailer that I have been in contact with states; "Yes, we do plan on having another run manufactured as soon as we can gather up the needed capital, which is required up front before any manufacturing can begin". Assuming that the capital can be put together, the run can be scheduled as early as March 2012.

Keep your fingers crossed. Obviously, continued support and enthusiasm for this new run of ammo via online forums will keep the juices flowing and kick start the new source into pushing production forward ASAP.
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