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I just re-read - 18 month old?

Not having any children around, I forget about some of the finer points.

Lead and other contaminants.

It may be going overboard, but better too much caution than too little.

Shower and shampoo before coming back into the house. When it's cooler out, a set of coveralls (buttoned up) that stays with the reloading gear. Otherwise, leave the clothes you wore while reloading in the loading area. Also, keep the loading area scrupulously clean (a good idea anyway, but I am talking about vacuuming after every session.

For your child(ren)'s "well-baby" checkups, get a blood lead-level test added to the normal screening. At your age, it would not be a bad idea for yourself, either.

This is nothing to be frightened about. But it is something to take care about. Normal precautions will keep your family safe. But most people don't think about things they cannot see nor things that happen slowly over time. Human nature.

Good luck

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