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Good old Crescent, Iowa in the Loess Hills Bluffs, do they still snow ski there?

My two brothers live in Omaha, and the area you mention, Dodge Street North from the river to 42nd street or so is no place to be. Lot of good people living there, mostly poor, but a lot of bad people there also.

No matter how good the food, it is a moot point if it is your last meal.

"I love the look in his eyes when I stood up and was 3 times his size!" Quote by MarkJ

There is an old saying "God created Man, but Samuel Colt made them Equal!"

I am only 5'6" and I have had a lot of buddies who were big, generally laid back and really decent guys as they had nothing to prove, it is the little guys who are mad about being little that are generally mad at the world and wanting to prove themselves, just a generalization and there are always exceptions to the rule.

Hand to hand combat is a useful skill where being a big guy is a benefit, but that is only after the guns are empty, and being big just makes you a bigger target.
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