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The problem with taking advice from this forum is it covers the country. Depending on where you hunt some of the advice is very good and some is very bad. Nobody rifle hunts with out orange in the states I hunt. I am just guessing, but there is probably a lot of green up yet when you rifle hunt out west. Makes a big difference. Over in the east, the leaves are down and everything is brown and grey looking. Deer that are being hunted pick up movement at hundreds of yards and see sunlight reflected just as far. The only reason you never spooked a deer with a shiney rifle is because you never saw it get up and leave. I was hunting one day and had a couple doe about 80 yards down from me and was not really interested. It was about 10:00 in the morning and I slowly took out a pack of cigarettes. The cellophane wrapper was reflecting the bright sunlight and they took off, obviously they had been shot at already during the concurrent buck/doe season. Once the leaves are down, the most valuable sense that a deer has is sight and they don't miss much. I doubt it matters which you use if you sit to hunt, watch a guy with a scope walking around on a sunny day and it is a lot worse than a shiney rifle.
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