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SBR Dilemma (.223 or .300 Blk)

I plan to celebrate the repeal of Alabama's SBR prohibition shortly after Christmas this year, and I now find myself in a bit of a dilemma. What I do know is that my SBR will be based on the AR platform. What I don't know is what cartridge I want to go with. I already have a .308 suppressor, so I'm good there either way I go.

The main reason I am leaning slightly to the .300 Blk side of things is that I just might hunt with this rifle or better yet my kids might end up hunting with it, as my oldest son is now 5. (No I will not be hunting with the suppressor). A good reason to stick with .223 is the abundance of loaded ammo and components that I already have on hand. So, I ask those of you with more experience with SBR's than me to talk me out of one or the other. Most likely I'll end up buying a barrel in both cartridges at some point seeing that all other rifle components are interchangeable, but which one do I want to start with?
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