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spitzer bullets for .30 m1 carbine

I've been going through the reloading data, and thinking about a spitzer shape. I understand that different primers will have different effects with a given powder, so I need to pay attention to those combos.

Can I swap 110 grain for 110 grain as long as the overall length is constant? I'd like to use a bullet with a more efficient shape than a round nose. The seating depth will be greater, which would boost pressure, so I'd take it down to a shade above minimum load and move up in steps to the max.

I'm thinking something like a TAC-X
TAC-X FB BC .240 catalog 30834* SBR (.30 short barrel rifle)
TAC-X FB BC .264 catalog 30821

Anybody got any thoughts? Is it worth chasing a .1 increase in BC? Or almost twice as great?

I'm trying to wring all the accuracy I can out of this much maligned platform. After reading all the writeups in the reloading manuals dissing the cartridge, I started to get offended.
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