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Vanes or seams on cast bullets?

Searched the forums and couldn't find anything on this.
I cast my own bullets for .45acp, 38spl, 40s&w, etc. using a 92/4/4 alloy of lead/antimony/tin with Lee microgroove moulds.
My moulds are getting old and even when new left small lines on the bullet at the seam of the molds, now they're actually leaving small vanes on some bullets, which mostly disappear during lube tumbling, etc., but I know they're still there (although hardly noticeable) on some of them.
My question is, what effect do these have on the flight of the bullet?
Could their effect actually be noticeable or measureable on these small caliber handgun rounds at 10-25 yards or am I chasing ghosts?
Thanks! Steve W.
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