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In Ilinois, Article II Gun World is now open

Article II Gun World Range is open now.

I shot there today, and I really like the range. It's at 250 Cortland Ave - Lombard, IL
phone - (630) 627-0310

The ventalation was great - I've complained before about a range in Aurora that left a bad taste in my mouth, literally. But Article II has great ventalation.

They also have a lot of sound proofing foam in between the shooting positions. I'm not sure it makes a difference because I switched from the foam ear plugs to the silicone ones today. But I've shot at where the only thing separating the positions was a sheet of plexiglass and the plexiglass seems to act like the head of a drum. I think there's a thread here somewhere about shooting next to the guy with the 44 magnum. Well I did that with only a sheet of plexiglass between he and I and the plexiglass didn't do anything, except maybe magnify the sound.

The controls for the target holders could be a little better at Article II. They are electronic and very modern, but one of the features that I like is a
"repeat" button to take the holder back out to the last distance input, and a "home" button to bring it back. This is a minor thing but absent those two buttons, you have to press CLR, ENT, F4, ENT each time to get it back, and you have to press 3 or 4 buttons to get the target back out.

I think the controls are programable so maybe in the future they'll make one of the Function keys a "Home" key.

Lombard charges an "entertainment" tax on the range fee. Kind of bogus and it made me think that once the courts finally slam Chicago for their banning of ranges, and Chicago is finally made to allow ranges, they'll slap some entertainment tax on range fees also.

All in all Article II is the best indoor range I've shot at so far, and I've shot at Bell's, Gat Guns, J.R. Sporting... and some others.

Article II also has class rooms, a separate range for instruction / classes or even tournaments.

It's prety nice.
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