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After all this talk is over, i like animals just as much as some of you BUT i still stand firm and believe "if a raging coyote or a mans pitt is coming at me, even if it's just growling when it's coming. I don't care and the owner is standing there. I'm fixing to drop that dog right there. I'd do it here I'n Texas and I'd do it anywhere if traveling. " i don't care care if I'm the only one who believes this way but i still do and won't change. Maybe it's true, maybe we handle things different down on the farm, maybe i am a redneck as some have stated. But I'n my yard or yours, your dog attempting to harm me is fixing to go to puppy Heaven. Please if this ever does happen, please don't do something stupid and be next! Would like to talk more but got to go clean my gun.
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