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Originally Posted by Indi
I am getting closer to building my reloading bench, and have a very important decision to make. Do I set up my bench in my home, or my garage. If i have it in my home i dont have to worry about temp control, but then i cant have my radio blarring. Ill have less privacy, and more distractions. And i have a 18month old daughter who gets into everything.

I live in NE Oklahoma, so yes we get snow in the winter and +100 degree days in the summer.
Then build a portable castered reloading bench that you can roll around the house. This way you can reload in the comforts of AC/heating and move the bench to a secure location so your daughter don't get to it.

Over the years I have built several portable castered reloading benches and for some reason, my shooting friends keep taking them.

I typically build 2'x3' and 34" high benches on casters (that are taken from the $10 moving dolly from Harbor Freight) with or without the peg board backing. The moving dolly casters easily roll on carpet even with 1000+ lbs on the bench and don't mar the flooring. The 2'x3' size allows the bench to turn into doorways from narrow hallways. I roll my bench into the walk-in closet of the reloading room so we can also use the room for family game room.

Yes, being able to reload in the comforts of AC/heating is a huge plus and even allows me to enjoy reloading out in the patio when the weather is nice.

Many people post that they need to secure/anchor the bench to the wall for stiffness. For me, this is not true. I can resize even the heavy walled military .308 cases on the C-H 205 single stage press with the bench empty and the bench doesn't even roll around. The top is multi-layer (11) plywood reinforced with 2x4s and it doesn't flex at all.

Here's a larger 2'x4'x34" castered bench I built to sort/reload rifle cartridges in the "wife's cave" but another friend took it when he saw it. I built another to replace it.

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