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I live in the country....

I was in the kitchen and I heard this noise in my garage - the garage door was open about a foot so my cats could come and go. I went in the garage and there were two dogs big dogs chasing my poor cat. The cat was under the car with the two dogs were running around the car trying to get the cat....

I ran inside and grabbed my airsoft battery powered AR that we keep by the door to usually shoo away the pesky animals that come up on our deck, feral cats, etc. All sorts of creatures make my cats lives miserable sometimes.

I unloaded on those dogs, full auto - 6mm plastic bbs hitting them in the ass. Yes - I am sure it stung and they ran like the wind. I was SO upset...I chased them down our road shooting at them till they were off my property.

What really concerned me is that I didn't recognize either dog. I know all my neighbors within a mile or more of my house and I have never seen those dogs.

It's one thing to have dogs running around without a leash [stupid] and another thing when the wind up in your garage. I was so mad....

Unleashed country dogs can pack up at night. I recall some friends of ours whom we got puppies from years ago. They had a big German Shepard that was apparently packing up with other farm dogs at night and killing live stock. The county sheriff came out and shot that dog. That was in the 1960s where "country justice" was pretty swift back in the day....

Regardless of these stories - dogs shouldn't be roaming around neighborhoods. Generally dogs that are just loping around being friendly and lost are one thing - but you never know - especially country dogs.

We have had instances of blue eyed coydogs in our county also - one got shot about 2 years ago by some farmer.
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