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Equipment/Component Exposure

Hi guys! I have a quick (and probably repetitive) question. I'm currently building a reloading bench, buying all of my equipment for reloading/casting, and hopefully will be set up soon. My question is about the area I'm setting up in. I'm putting everything in a small (approx 10X10) outdoor storage building I built about two years ago that never got used for anything. The building is built solid as a rock, has two gas-filled locking windows, a steel door and solid locks. I think I'm ok to go on security. The thing I'm mostly worried about is exposure of gear and components to temp/humidity variables. The building is fully insulated, top bottom and walls. So far is also waterproof, despite some hellacious storms in the last two years. I live in SC, about an hour south of the NC/SC border. Should I be worried about how the weather and whatnot will affect my gear, or do you think I'm ok as it is? If not, what steps do you suggest I take to keep everything in top shape and extend component shelf life? Thanks again guys!
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