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PH/CIB, the people who worry me are the ones such as one TFL member who posted that he had considered Macing dogs that lived on a property he often jogged past, who were inside their own fence. He was afraid they might try to come over the fence at him, so he was considering preemptively spraying them while they were still behind the fence.

Or other TFL members who say, "they are only dogs, I am not going to find out if they really mean to attack."

Or other TFL members who say, "responsible pet owners don't let their dogs run loose; their tough luck."

Tell ya what, my Catahoula got out of my parents' yard, when they were keeping him for me. Neighbor saw how he did it... He put his back against their Japanese plum tree, his paws on the chain-link fence, and he chimneyed out like a rock climber.

Was I irresponsible for leaving my dog with my parents while I was stationed in Hawaii (dog had epilepsy, and I did not want to quarantine him)?

Were my parents irresponsible for thinking their 6ft fence would contain my dog?

Was I very happy that the people who found my dog didn't shoot him because he approached them?

Edit: My parents had the tree taken down, shortly after this happened, and did not leave the dog outside unsupervised until the tree had been removed.
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