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Where should i reload

Hello everyone,
I am getting closer to building my reloading bench, and have a very important decision to make. Do I set up my bench in my home, or my garage. If i have it in my home i dont have to worry about temp control, but then i cant have my radio blarring. Ill have less privacy, and more distractions. And i have a 18month old daughter who gets into everything. If i reload in the garage it would be alot better for me but im not sure what kind of effects temp would have on my equipment, powders primers...etc. My garage has a heater that i keep on, very low, during the winter months (so my water line doesnt freeze in the garage. I have a full bathroom in the garage, plus office space aka MAN CAVE) Im leaning more towards my MAN CAVE, but want to know what kind of issues i will incounter due to the temperature, I live in NE Oklahoma, so yes we get snow in the winter and +100 degree days in the summer.
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