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Thanks a lot to all!

Actually, guys, the brass is not for me but for a friend overseas who simply doesn't seem to be able to locate it there. Sending him primers, of course, is out of question as I've been told by a clerk at Old Western Scrounger. Explosive material, and so it figures. The brass, on the other hand, won't be viewed as anything other than...well, empty brass.

By the way, DonQatU, that same clerk gave me a different info from the one you post on the primer for this brass. I wrote it somewhere at work, and I'll post it here tomorrow -- is it possible they both fit? I, somehow, doubt it. But true, it's made in Brazil by CBC and from what the guy has also mentioned, it seems to be hard to obtain in most places (OWS has it though).

Thanks again for all the help.
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