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Kreyz, they come from west central WYO! IF you want a chance at a really big goat, apply for area 60 in WYO. It is the largest unit in the state, with the least amount of tags. The WGFD says it iis their "trophy" area. I was out there a bunch this year and saw 40-50 over 16". I just can't draw.

You guys from out of state have a point system that will genrally allow you a tag in three or four years. Instaters have no such system. it sucks!
I'll keep that in mind. We always hunt 25 down around Casper and Glen Rock. My bud's Dad killed a really nice 15" on public land in Rolling Hills but otherwise 13" is about as big as we see down there. Still a hell of a good time thought and boy are the antelope tasty to eat.
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