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farmerboy, that's not all you've stated. You've also insulted those who suggest that in most cases, a firearm is unnecessary.

I've dealt with pit bulls, boxers, rotts, dobermans, shepherds... even a mastiff. So far, I have not needed a stick, let alone a gun. Interpersonal/intercanine skills are very good for either assuming the alpha role, or for just making friends, with people or dogs.

One of these days, you might even learn that.

I can't imagine you'd suggest the first thing to do, to control an ornery cow or hog on a farm, would be to shoot it. I doubt you'd be thrilled with somebody shooting your charging bull; you'd probably have other methods available for controlling it, or at least evading it.

So, either you haven't applied lessons learned from the farm (my in-laws are farmers), or else you just like to bluster.
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