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My S&W 64 is my primary match pistol now days.
I have added new Wolfe springs and done a little smoothing.
I got a Fiber Optic front sight for a 1911 I was planning to install, however I put Green Sight paint on the front sight first, and I have stayed with it so far.
I took it up to see Ron Power a while back. He added Ball Loc and Chamfeded the Chambers. He also went over it and fixed end shake, etc. It is probably better than new mechanically.

I am using Safariland Comp III Speed Loaders.

I have a 625, 310, 610, and a 686 that has been converted to use moon clips. I like moon clips. With that said, I have no plan to convert the K Frame 64 to use moon clips for a couple reasons.

The Big One is Brass. I have thousands of rounds of 38 Special brass. I have GI, Winchester, UMC, Federal, Starline, Remington, PMC, etc, etc. on hand. I have a 100 round box that I have sorted examples of all the head stamps into, and it is almost full.
The 38 Special moon clips are brass brand specific. The under cut just under the rim that the shells use locking into the moon clips are different sizes on different brands of brass. This has Zero impact on how they work in a normal 38 Special revolver so this is not something that has to be the same. Big issue with a moon clip conversion.

If one were to go to moon clips in a 38 special you would need to go with one brand of brass. Probably Starline would be the best choice. I believe TK is the one who has moon clips for the different brands of 38 Special brass.

Another thing to keep in mind is the 38 moon clips are a little on the fragile side. Not a huge issue, you just need to be a little more careful not to bend them.

Last a moon clip 38 is not legal in IDPA SSR Division at this time. I think going back to a single Division for revolvers in IDPA would be a great plan. One Division would promote more improvements in equipment. Like moon clip 38 specials, and moon clip 40's.

You do have the advantage of recovering all of your brass with your moon clips during matches, where you normally have to leave them lay.

What K frame square butt grip does everyone like best? Wood, rubber, etc. and why?

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