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From my experience, I load lighter weight bullets than your 180s.
HP38/231 with your listed loadings will be on the light side.
If they feed well (that takes care of the swell), don't worry about the bulge, it happens a lot.
If they cycle the action, your good.
As stated above, I agree.
Loading data in printed and accepted reference books is very limited for lead in a 40.

I run 155 gr lead with 5.6 gr of 231 (HP38) as practice stuff. I load 155 gr XTPs with TighGroup to close to the same velocities for serious work. Thus my stiff lead practice loads.

Note: Just because my loads with my components and weapons are what I consider safe with my listed data, does NOT mean that they are safe for your components and weapon. ALWAYS ERROR ON THE SIDE OF SAFETY!

Be safe and enjoy,

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