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My son and I own two Browning .22 seim auto pistols. Both are extremely reliable, easy to use, and have 10 round mags.

No, . . . I would not like to be faced with a charging Pitt bull or coyote, . . . if that was my only weapon choice, . . . but I really do not feel that I would be at any great disadvantage.

I can put 10 rounds out of either of them in a 3 inch circle in a very short time, . . . and 10 rounds of .22 LR hollow points is going to take the edge off their desire to fight in just about every case imaginable.

I have said many other times, too, that I would not feel at all under gunned with either of our Brownings, . . . if some knuckle dragging thug wanted to attack me and I had one of them. He would get 10 rounds of .22 LR hollow point, . . . aimed directly at his nose, . . . and there is no doubt in my mind at all, . . . whatever idea he had about fighting me would evaporate as little lead slugs hammered his head. There is no place on the human face that even a half baked blow does not hurt, . . . much less 10 of them delivered in only a few seconds.

Don't worry about the .22, . . . it can hold it's own.

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