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I’ve got a couple of Moultries, a Bushnell and recently purchased a Wild Game. The Moultries have never failed and I’ve had them for a few years. They’re daylight and flash only, no IR.

The Bushnell didn’t last a whole season. It’s daylight pics were OK, but the IR ones were terrible quality, along with other problems. Hard to program too. Just junk in my opinion.

The Wild Game takes good pictures in daylight and good IR pictures, but the IR flash could be wider to better cover the area photographed. Times between pictures could have a wider variety of settings too.

Trigger times on all 3 could be faster, but as is was satisfactory for me. Price of these was in the $100 range.

As a side note I have found that deer, and other critters, with the exception of coyotes, don’t seem to pay any attention to a flash picture at night. Many times same place, same deer, same critters, flash or IR made no difference to them.
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