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Crazy88fingers - if you can't buy the tool, then get yourself a block of hardwood. Drill it just a shade smaller than the ejector rod and then cut the wood in half on a bandsaw. Congratulations! You just made a block to hold the rod. Write Ruger SS on each half so you'll never get it confused with any other block that you'll make. Now, take your homemade tool and clamp them in a vise with the rod secured between them. Then like our dear friend DeafSmith suggested, put three (or even six) spent shells into the cylinder. Then twist.

I'm sure you're soaking the cylinder first before you try this. You need to loosen up the grease that has solidified. It probably is due for a cleaning and afterward will spin freely.

If you have free time, google Deaf Smith. He's one of the heroes of the Texas Revolution.
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