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I'm mostly a 'Leupold guy', but bought a Burris FFII in 4.5X14 about 6 months ago and put it on my 260. The scope is impressive in bright light and in dim light. I've dropped a few coyotes and pigs at very low light levels, and evening before last I had a big 10 point right out in front of my stand and it was effectively dark. Opening day isn't till Saturday, so he got a pass, but I did put the crosshairs on him and could see him quite clearly. The Burris has impressed me. It's good quality and a good price, though it's more money than I think you said you want to pay. The Burris replaced a Weaver 2X10 (V10), and the Burris is a better scope, but the Weaver was still a good scope and the NIB price is about $170 I think.
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