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My Dad

The short answer is, I watched my Dad drop a doe once from ~320 yards.

When my Dad was in the Army, he fell in love with the M14. He bought a brand new Browning Semi Auto .308 in 1969. That was his "Baby" all my life! No matter what new guns me or my brothers came home with, he always let us "trash talk" for a while and then humbled us down with his "Baby". (We're a competitve bunch.....) That's the only gun he's ever hunted with, NO MATTER WHAT!!! He always said, "Those new guns out there can't kill them any deader than I can with 'Baby'!!!!"

Dad left for the big ranch in the sky in August. "Baby" will be with me opening weekend, this year. She will be WELL taken care of....sorry for the misdirect, just got me thinking and had to share.
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