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If this happened in my neighborhood, basically in my yard, I would be armed with a cell phone and concealed gun. And, yes, I'm going outside to confront the guy. I don't want some nut loitering around my house banging on things creating a disturbance. Anytime I see someone farting around with something in my yard or next to my yard I confront them (this doesn't happen often). The last time I had to do this it was a 14 year old kid who, for whatever reason, decided to lift a 4" diameter iron lid off of a water valve and throw it into my yard. I confronted him, told him to pick up the lid and put it back. He was carrying some kind of knife that he was using to pry the lid. I asked him about it. He complied and I thanked him.

Its your house. Your neighborhood. You need to let folks know - whether they are causing trouble, looking to cause trouble, or don't belong there that you care about your surroundings and are not afraid of them.

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