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you know what's REALLY FUNNY about that? One of my old teachers told me a story. He was at home grading papers one night, heard noise out on his lawn, looked out, and there were a bunch of people sitting in a circle on his lawn with flashlights. They were chanting something. he was getting ready to call the police when he finally heard it clearly enough.

"HOOga chacka HOOga chacka..."

(only old people will get that)

It was a bunch of students, and they were chanting the chorus from "hooked on a feeling" by Blue Swede.

We had been having all sorts of devil worship and paranormal scares that year; some dude had even skinned a raccoon and dumped the carcass on a street.

Obviously, even in a small town in missouri, a de-pelted raccoon could only have been done by cultists, right?
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