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Just QC'd and lubed 110 .35 boolits. These are the first boolits I've cast smaller than .45. Kinda cute.
Yep, think the only mould I want right now is a RD for my 45-70, just not sure which one. I think if I get the 405 gr Lyman 457193 to shoot just a little better I won't get in any hurry to place that order. Oops, forgot about the thutty-thutty mould but that project is way down the list. I have a shooting/reloading/casting project "list" that I don't dare commit to paper.
I've thought about a casting notebook but decided against it when no one on the CB forum seemed to see the value in it. May revisit that.
I have a big old box made of pegboard that I use to tote my casting equipment to my casting table outside. Even with no alloy stored inside it's getting pretty heavy. Only store one furnace inside, will be running out of room for it pretty quickly. Will need a dolly to haul my casting setup soon.
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