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Why is Feinstein Yelping Now?

Shucks, I forgot. Most all of her funds for her next reelection campaign are frozen, if not gone...

DiFi got caught by a decades long fraud by the queen-bee of Democrat campaign fund administrators, who finally got too far behind the curve to keep going and is under indictment for misappropriation of funds and filing falacious campaign finance reports for a slew of state Democrats and some national ones, to include DiFi. At this point even if the money is actually there, the accounts under "management" by the perp (and she looks the part, not even the best beer goggles in the world could help) are frozen pending a full accounting and prosecution.

Sooo to make some money, the Chicago way? Carry water for Obama and Holder, silly . Create a diversion. Sure you look stupid, if not outright bonkers...who cares if your campaign gets paid for with other people's money and you get another Senate term. DiFi has plenty of personal money, but she didn't amass it by spending it...she spends OTHER people's money.
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