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Feinstein is partly right...more strict observance of the law and the Arms Control Export Act by DOJ, ATF, State and FBI would result in fewer guns going to Mexico, and some unknown US gangs.

I am not sure, given the facts of the case that are out there, that Feinstein is playing with a full deck. It's clear laws were at the least ignored by government agents charged with enforcing them, if this fiasco is limited to just the PHX office of ATF. How she gets to her conclusion that more law is needed, she needs a good doctor and a long bit of bed rest in a quiet place. However, the average Democrat narrative out of DC is only a little less contradictory to facts. This goes past her oft-expressed personal need to disarm every law-abiding citizen into lunacy.

To quote Bob Owens, the efforts by Feinstein and Breuer to save Holder are too little, too late, too brazenly insulting. There is no limit they won't sink to, but there is a limit to what will stick on the wall.
Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world — and never will.
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