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I though this thread was .380 vs .32...

I though this thread was .380 vs .32... Why bring .38 or .38 Special into it? we might as well start bringing up 9mm. Its neck diameter is .38 of an inch, right?
Now back to the topic. I'd pick 380 ACP over .32 any time of day and night. Here are the reasons:

#1 Price and availability. 380 is less expensive and more available. Just check your local Walmart if you're desperate for ammo.

#2 Wider selection of ammo. More types of HP and FMJ ammo.

#3 Wider selection of guns chambered for 380

#4 I own Sig P238 and there is nothing more reliable and pleasant to shoot from 9mm-sub semi-auto

Now example: Sig P238 with loaded mag weights the same as Beretta Tomcat 3032, and Tomcat is not as reliable, not as pleasant to shoot and has more recoil.

I am aware that this Thread is rather old but I still wanted to make a reply...
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