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So Breuer expects us to believe that he learned about Wide Receiver and was so shocked that he met with ATF and made it clear gunwalking would not be tolerated?

Almost simultaneously, the very same people who started Wide Receiver, started Fast and Furious, and despite being warned by the Deputy AG of the Criminal Division of DOJ not to walk guns, they immediately went out and started walking guns to Mexico even bigger and badder and in violation of several international agreements, basically blowing off Breuer.

We are also supposed to believe that Breuer never realized they were doing this, even as he flew to Mexico and discussed Arizona's gun smuggling efforts and ordered the ATF agent there not to share that info with Mexico. Even when he was signing off on wiretap requests by the same people and hearing about the big case they were building, it never even occurred to Breuer to check up and see that they were not walking guns.

In fact, that thought was so far from Breuer's mind, that even when Brian Terry was killed and CBS News is publishing allegations of gun walking in Fast and Furious by the same people who did Wide Receiver, Breuer never thought to contact anyone in the Justice Department and tell them that he had reprimanded the very same people in Fast and Furious for walking guns in Wide Receiver? That thought didn't even cross his mind when CBS News named him as an accomplice and Eric Holder was defending him in September 2011?

You know, it is no news to me that Feinstein and Breuer both think the American public is unescapably stupid; but come on guys, at least pretend that you respect them enough to come up with a credible story. A 5yr old with chocolate smeared over his mouth and a half-eaten cookie in one hand could come up with something more credible than that.
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