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I put a new stock on mine (Hogue, with aluminum bedding channel), had a lighter trigger spring installed ($10), and found just the handload that it liked. It's not a 7-08, so my load data won't help you. The rifle shoots wonderfully now. I'll admit that I don't think the stock was the problem, since I put that synthetic stock (with the barrel channel opened up) on a Ruger short action 260 I have, and the 260 shoots great. The Hogue stock now on the Hawkeye is a bit heavier than I'd prefer, but the gun shoots so good now that I'm not changing anything. One other thing to mention is that it appeared to me that the barrel needed to be 'seasoned' or 'shot in' or whatever you want to call it, and that took a couple of hundred rounds. I guess I had to lay down some copper. The experts on the forum may have more and better info on that.

As for the action screws, I did what the Ruger website suggested, which is tightened (after first being loosened) just as jmr40 suggests.
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