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I have some doubt as to the true events in that the woman claims she was aiming at the perps legs.
I followed this one closely as it was coming out. Apparently, the BG tried to pick the baby up out of the stroller, but the baby was strapped in. So he lifted up the entire stroller and was carrying the stroller when she fired.

I hope I would have the presence of mind to aim for his legs in a similar circumstance; it was probably the safest and most certain shot she could take, since the baby was at his chest & head level and both were moving.

As for him dying, she probably hit the femoral artery. People tend to think, "I'll just shoot him in the leg" as if that isn't deadly force. But it is. The reason shooting someone anywhere on their body counts as deadly force under the law is because shooting someone anywhere on their body can kill them. It's not in the law just for the heck of it, but because the law recognizes the stark reality. If you shoot someone, they might die.

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