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There is no lazy in these bones

I called first thing this morning and waited in the holding pattern for 30 minutes. I spoke with a really nice woman that actually put me on hold to PHYSICALLY WALK over to get my fax. She had it in her hand as we went over it together to make sure that was what they needed. It was!!!

Now for the fun part. My fax will get scanned into a computer, and then emailed to someone(1-3 days). That someone will have to sign off on the "correction", and then he will MAIL it to Romeoville where the cards are printed (7-10 days). Once Romeoville gets my info, they will print my card off and send it to me (7-10 days).

So........ for all of you math geniuses, I could wait up to 23 more days to receive my physical FOID card. That is 73 days total from when I sent the app in, and 63 from the date my check cleared.

I feel good that at least my card will one day be at my home, however, are you kidding me? This wasn't even my initial fear of being labeled "mentally deficient", it was for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge from 1998 (I was in college)

Hopefully by the time my card expires, I will be in another state, or there will be no more FOID card to renew.
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