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Originally Posted by nathaniel View Post
Around here there is really no way to stand hunt. We have to spot and stalk and the big boys dont let you get in close. If you get to 30 yards your doing amazing. Thats why Im going to keep it the way it is, I can GUARANTEE you I wont have a shot at 20 yards and If I do I can adjust my aim for the shot.
Even so, you want a pin for those shots that will "never happen". Trust me, they have a way of happening.

A single pin to 30 gives you a 40, 50 and 60 yard pin with a typical 4-pin sight.

That said, few archers are capable of consistently, cleany, reliably taking deer sized animals at 40 yards and beyond under hunting conditions.

If you really feel the need to shoot those distances, I would highly recommend getting a Leupold Vendetta rangefinder. The Vendetta removes the biggest variable in long(er) range archery... range estimation. The Vendetta is a bow mounted rangefinder activated on the bow grip, insuring easy, 100% ranging of targets.

If you want to simulate hunting conditions to find your max "real" shooting range, place your target on uneven ground, make sure where you'll be standing to shoot is uneven ground, run around your house until your heart is pounding and you're out of breath, pick up your bow, draw and aim, hold at full draw for 3 minutes. Now Shoot. Any range where you can hold 6" groups is acceptable.

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