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Yep, dropping six is an awesome sight when things are going right. Dropping one big BPCR or two 45 Colt boolits is pretty cool too. Now I know why some folks like bottom pour and aluminum multi-cav moulds and some folks like ladling lead into a single or double cav steel mould. I'm trying to do both but they are so different. I've bought so many awesome moulds lately I feel like the new kid in school. Each seems to have a personality and something that works with mould A seems to royally tick off mould L. Can't even decide on a sizing method. I like Lyman and Lee both, just size the Lee boolits thru the Lee sizer, Lyman boolits thru the Lyman sizer. LLA on the Lee boolits, SPG on the Lyman. Only have one mould on my wish list, guess that's progress. Gonna need to put wheels under my casting box soon.
And yes, my friend, I'm having a great time. Think I need to quit my job and hire a maintenance man so I can focus on the important things in life.
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