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Seriously, how many read all of this post, and gathered the meaning of it?
I read it all, and understand it thank you! I think it is good stuff. There are also some military folks who were gang-bangers before going in, and even some cops who did the same ... LAPD is notorious for that! Nothing like a war vet gang-banger with war experience ... not a pretty sight! Luckily they are the rare ones, not the majority.

You, the good guys reading this, you bad guys can kiss a goat, need to keep your skill sets above reproach, and at very high levels. Cops do this more, as they get free ammo in most cases to train ... it is civilians who have to put out the extra effort to train, as times are hard and money scarce!

For example, a guy in Minnesota shot a bad guy who robbed a woman, and pistol whipped her. The media tried to take him down, and supported the poo felon, but the DA did not prosecute him and gave him a commendation.

Here is a link to a local Minnesota talk show host telling more details about the media attacks on this gun owner for defending himself:

The bad guy apparently pulled a gun and approached the good guy who only asked the dirtbag to give the lady's purse back. It didn't work out well for the bad guy!

It would have been smarter to not do that, but sometimes one must take a stand in this country, and I guess on this day, this is what the good guy did.

There are many, many, scenarios that go on everyday that never get reported. People use their CCW to discourage folks, and they just disengage and go about their business ... no cops called. Sometimes there is no other option but to defend yourself, although rare, it does happen, and all that training pays for itself. Lets hope we never have to get involved off duty or by civilian action ... but if you do, you need to be good, and be right or the media will attack you, not the bad guys!!!

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