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Alright, it has been an exhausting few hours. I called ISP's FOID #, and was put on the mandatory 40 minute hold. 40 minutes later, it disconnected.

Attempt #2, I am more prepared. I have the cordless phone with the headset plugged in. I am walking around the house, and go to sit down. I disconnect the phone.

Aattempt #3, I decide to use the headset/cordless combo, however, this time I use the recumbent bike while holding (made time fly actually). A nice woman answered, and looked at my info. Apperantly they somehow have me in their system as a felony on a marijuana possession case in 1998. She even noted the case number is a misdemenor number, but I will need to fax in the official court docket.

I race to the county building, and am directed to the basement archive section. The gentleman was very helpful, and had to refer to the microfilm to find my docket. It cost me $6 to get it notorized just to cover my bases.

Next, I had to go to Kinko's to fax it to the ISP's EAS department. That ended up costing me another $4.

So far, I am in this FOID card for a total of $20, plus a lot of gas and time on hold. It frustrates me that this is not my fault, but heck, as long as they send me the dang thing, then who cares.

I am planning on calling tomorrow to see if they received my fax. I am currently on temporary disability, so time is of no concern. Hopefully my next post will be a positive one after tomorrow's discussion.

Thanks for everyone's time and concerns.
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