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The "normal" bad guy has sociopathic/psychopathic thinking and personality traits. A genuine "born to be bad" person will usually go one of two ways.

He will be arrogant, conceited, careless, and certain of himself. he's going to learn from movies, make up his own tactics, emulate his "peers."

(rambo, tupac, freddy krueger- Remember, a truly psychopathic person has no "heroes" or even "superiors"- he has only got people whom he "holds in esteem.")

His only tactical training is his imagination, his offhand observations, and the training that he gains in actual real world experience.

This type is a fly by the seat pinhead whose only asset is his determination to win, and lack of respect for rules or conventions. he will hold his gun sideways when he shoots. He will not go to any real extremes to learn or improve his mojo. He will probably have drug or alcohol problems, and be an overall loser.

The other is the type who will doggedly pursue becoming a terminator or a borg. They will watch snuff films. they will read soldier of fortune, and buy all of the books like "1,000 ways to kill a guard dog with nothing but a tongue supressor." They will seek out "tricks." they will engage in martial arts and body building, but in a more narcisistic manner than in a serious, organized manner to create a well rounded package. The goal of their martial arts won't be Tai Chi, body centric, or defensive centric, they will learn offensive and brutality based tactics. You will see them sleeping through class sessions that discuss legality and morals of combat. during one on one training, there will be observable behaviors that will stand out as "odd."

In general; the criminal is not going to seek out training from an LE oriented source. If he does go to clint smith, or similar program it will be an anomaly. He will stick out like clint eastwood at the ballet. He is not wanting to BE a clint smith, cop, or so forth, he just wants to improve his skills as a thug/predator.

Maybe only a few percent of the real violent criminal element would actually seek out training from legitimate sources. think back about the most organized, highly motivated, highly successful violent criminals. The miami FBI massacre, the oakland body armor gun fight, columbine, etc, none of them even remotely became involved in outside training. They used the internet, the black market, and basically self taught themselves, created their own weapons systems, and so forth.

The odds that an individual would unwittingly train a person who went on to be a killer or violent criminal are slim.

The probability that a person would train a LE officer who is already rotten to the core, or will turn bad, is far higher. There are bad people who are drawn to be police or security guards. it is natural for them to pursue more normal LE only training methods. it is natural for them to be involved with legitimate training. In the end, it is natural to find evidence of this training in crimes committed by them.

All things considered, the possibility that someone of the caliber of the columbine shooters would sift through page after page of discussion here, and then CARRY AWAY ANYTHING OF VALUE, is absurdly small. The possibility that a person would pass on training in a one on one situaiton that would be of value to a criminal is negligible. Whatever you teach, will be seed tossed on rocky soil. The criminal won't practice, he won't take notes, he won't become anything more than he already is. Our/your knowledge passed on has a near zero probability of harming society in general.

Seriously, how many read all of this post, and gathered the meaning of it? Would some punk from New jeersy with a stolen glock have learned anything from the last thread?

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