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There is a lot of things I hold back. Mainly in the LE Sniper and EOD techniques.

But the rest, I'm into competition shooting, Rifle, Pistol and CMP GSM vintage rifle shooting.

My main goal is to help anyone I can to get more shooters into the game. When I started out, there were tons of old shooters more then willing to jump in and help me get started. I think I ow it to them to do the same.

But in reality, bandits and gang members don't read Internet forms to learn how to shoot their pistols sideways, they have TV for that. An example, I really doubt "Mr baggy pants doper" is gonna spend the hours dry firing needed to become proficient with rifles or pistols. They'd rather spend their training time watching some idiotic TV show.

They are not going to spend the time, money and effert to develope a load for their Match ARs to shoot 1000 yard service rifle matches.
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