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If you want external safeties, then look for 1911 type safety (frame mounted). Look at HK USP/USPc and FNX/FNP. There are others but these are the two I would look at first.
If long DA will be adequate, look at Sig DA/SA, Sig DAK, Walther P99 DA/SA, maybe CZ75 compact with decocker.

For SD or CC, I like the DAO(or similar) or SA/DA without any external safety (for ease of use) more than SAO+safety like 1911. The DA first shot makes me feel more secure from accidental discharge compared to Cocked&locked pistols or those with Glock type triggers.

1911s are great. I (just me) consider them primarily target pistols but can easily be used for SD. Look at STI Spartan.
Keep in mind that safeties don't mean anything if a child can get to your firearm.

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