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I am seriously concerned, as I do believe a lot of thugs do look at these videos. I have a video out that spotlights a young woman shooter who shoots for team Glock:

You wouldn't believe the comments people try to post with that one. I Have the settings so I have to approve all comments, and I always go the poster's site and check them out. Some look to be thugs to me, and some are just Perverts, and make perverted comments, both I block. This makes me wonder how many watch other videos, and who may pick up a point or two that could help them hurt someone.

It makes me think, as these young criminals are wired like the rest of the kids. Do not under estimate these thugs, some are very smart. If they got a real job in the real world they may do all right!

I save my special stuff for in person still, and I was very good in Martial Arts, a long time and many pounds ago, but my tactics still apply, and I am very reserved in what to show. Am I wrong? I May be, but I like to error on the side of the good guy's point of view...

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