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Seems like the tri mount would be great for the mosin
Ill try the brass I don't use steel for the m14 which is what I'm best in accuracy with at about 200 yards(range I got to isn't big I think 500 farthest I can shoot accurately )
Is there a cheap good scope that is shock proof and has illuminated sights? Just a basic for now would be good. Ill get a better one later when I get more cash, I think if I get the Monte Carlo stock I need a hand guard for the barrel so if I try to grab front I don't get burned.
is there any good stocks that are better for the nagant?
I usually shoot standing having the strap around my arm as support. I think ill try more prone shooting with the nagant till I get comfy with it

is there a bipod for the front of the monet carlo thats good to use ?
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