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I used to have a friend that lived in south Chicago.
He used to go running on weekend mornings with his church group; his church (and running group) had a few ex-gang bangers in them. One morning they ran past a bunch sitting around the stoop of a brownstone minding everyone else's business. A few stood up as they ran past. The ex-gang church members ID'd them as gang members. So, the group ran around the block and ran past them again to show that they weren't afraid of them (think "take back the streets"). Anyhow, as they passed the second time, ALL of the thugs stood up and started moving to specific positions. The ex-gangsters in the pointed out that the local hoods were preparing to fight them, so church group ran on and decided not to circle again.
Point being: Although, I don't think criminals scan websites looking for pistol fighting tactics nor read von Clausewitz in their spare time, I think that it's a little too simplistic to assume that they are going to run around like chickens with their heads cut off when in a confrontation.
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